I Am Tiffany Blu Music

I Am Tiffany Blu Music

Tiffany Blu (born Michelle Cromwell in Harlem, NY, raised in Charleston, SC) dreamed of performing her whole life. Singing and dancing in front of company on demand, always with a huge smile! She began singing in gospel church choirs as a child, leading solos in the Sunbeam Choir. As a teenager (age 16) Tiffany Blu joined a duet called M&N, where she first began to write songs, experience her first studio recordings and live performances. Her pursuit of music professionally was underway! Ms. Blu at the age of 18 put her dreams of singing professionally on pause after learning she was with child and would soon be a mom. She stopped singing completely, choose to concentrate instead on raising her son and off to college to graduate with a BA in Psychology she went! 

It wasn’t until graduating college, moving to Charlotte, NC and joining a local church choir did singing come back into her life, almost 10 years later! In 2005 while practicing for a church concert, Ms. Blu started to notice she would lose her voice on and off. She went to the doctor and was diagnosed with having nodules on her vocal cords. The doctor instructed her to discontinue singing altogether, and was sent through vocal therapy for 10 months. After healing, Tiffany realized how important her talent of singing was to her and she decided to use it and use it correctly going forward! She then auditioned for a live band called Declassyfied, a top 40’s R&B group that performed live together nearly 5 years. Tiffany gained a lot of performance experience and focused on improving her vocals, and performances with every show. It wasn’t until Ms. Blu was with child once again in 2008, that she realized this time, she wouldn’t give music up, but in fact it was motivation to give it another serious effort!

She began taking professional music classes in 2010 spending the next 3 years focused on professional song writing, proper singing, melody writing, harmony and all other aspects of music as a career. Tiffany in those same years wrote all 10 songs (w/ one co-writer on Wife for Life) for her CD project; collaborating with connections she made over the 8 years of performing live. Getting music and tracks from people who believed in her (Dorian Daniels, Walter Dalton/Mr. Unknown, Robert Bennix, Ron Brown); and funding the project herself, while working fulltime and single parenting 2 sons (14 years apart!) 

Today, Tiffany Blu, has completed her first CD entitled “Life, Love & Lack Thereof” it was released May 1, 2015; and was well received locally, and in the UK where her first single Wife for Life was streaming by a well-loved DJ named Simon Darke (R.I.P) on his station called It’s all Soul to Me, on 365 Soul Radio! This opened up multiple opportunities and collaborations! One to mention was to collaborate with a Jazz/Funk/Blues band out of Sofia, Bulgaria called Koka Mass Jazz formally with Cold Busted Records out of LA! They sent one funk track, Tiffany Blu wrote “the hell out of it” and slayed the vocals! She took a female James Brown approach to the song now called Soul Summer. This song takes you to Summer 1976 Harlem, New York! Koka Mass Jazz loved it so much they sent a second track, to be featured on the same album, this time the Delta Blues; now this was tricky for Ms. Blu (she was yet again genre hopping) and this required some research. However, like a pro Tiffany Blu rose up again to write a very sexy, sassy, and funny cut called Play the Game; just a little red light green light in the juke joint for the grown and sexy! Play the Game has been selected by the group as the first single on the album entitled, Elephunky Trip released internationally September 14, 2018, by Time Warp Music

Meanwhile, Tiffany Blu is working from her new and beloved home studio for her second album, which is unofficially entitled, "Lyrically I"!  Stay tune for more genre hopping! Even a "light trap" cut! Coming Soon...

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