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Tiffany Blu - singer, song writer, performer and creator of medicinal music with lyrics that evoke emotions! You will laugh, you will cry and/or at the very least you will stop, reflect and do a little self-inventory.  Its passion, truth, real, accountable and it promotes forward movement and healing! The debut album/CD released May 2015 entitled “Life, Love & Lack Thereof “includes music from the heart that we can all relate to! Its R&B Soul with a dab or two of jazz, rock, hip hop and Latin inspired dance! New Music internationally released September 2018 by Time Warp Music is found in a collaboration w/ Bulgarian Jazz, Soul, Funk, and Blues Band Extraordinaire, known as Koka Mass Jazz! The Album properly entitled, “Elephunky Trip” house not 1 but 2 new Tiffany Blu originals that are Blazing Heat, painting a beautiful picture of Harlem, New York Summer 1976 within the super funk cut entitled "Summer Soul" and then a Delta Blues inspired cut, set inside the juke joint, flirty, sexy, funny, southern and entitled "Play the Game!" Just a little Red, Light Green Light action!!! Ms. Blu is working on her Sopmore Album New Music Coming in 2020!!!

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