Welcome to all shades of Tiffany Blu

Tiffany Blu - singer, song writer, performer and creator of medicinal music with lyrics that evoke emotions! You will laugh, you will cry and/or at the very least you will stop, reflect and do a little inventory.  Its passion, truth, real, accountable and it promotes forward movement and healing! The debut album/CD entitled Life, Love & Lack Thereof includes music from the heart that we can all relate to! Its R&B Soul with a dab or two of jazz, rock, hip hop and Latin inspired dance! New Music Coming Soon..look out for not 1 but 2! upcoming features on the album entilted Elephunky Trip by Koka Mass Jazz, intorducing Tifany Blu to The Funk and the Delta Blues!! Coming Soon September 14, 2018 released by Time Warp Music!


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